Ten Things I Like About Myself

I saw this idea over at Jenny Trout’s blog (I’m reading her hilarious recap of the disastrous The Mister so I never have to read the actual book) and thought it was wise. I beat myself up so often, and what has that self-criticism achieved? Nothing good. Now that the summer is ending and the school year is once again approaching–with all the ensuing anxiety–I need to give myself a pep talk.

  1. I genuinely like people. I’m curious to hear their stories and can usually empathize with some aspect of them, no matter how different we are.
  2. I’m learning to find success in the little things. Like my wordcount–I’m still going strong since January 1st, so that’s 206 days of writing EVERY day.
  3. I make cute babies. Seriously, Sam should be on all the commercials. And he is learning so much every day, and has so much curiosity and empathy of his own… I adore that little boy. I hope my currently-growing baby comes out as healthy and happy as Sam did.
  4. I pursue my passions. Improving my writing, learning about photography, studying educational research or podcasts or other teachers’ blogs for ideas, taking walks to study my city or the places I’m visiting… I think I’m always learning and growing, even if I don’t expect to be “the best” at anything.
  5. Dogs like me. I’m stealing Jenny’s #5. My dog turned 10 yesterday!! <3 If there is a dog at a party, then I know it’s going to be a great party. It is not lost on me that a certain orange man does not have dogs.
  6. I’m a fast reader. I’ve read 35 new books so far this year and re-read another 9. I was able to get through the novel draft I’m working on and make tons of notes that I’m fixing now. And reading quickly helps with essay grading, too.
  7. I accomplish my goals. Sort of. I have “won” NaNoWriMo multiple times because I put my mind to it… so I have a ton of crappy first drafts! I just need to practice my revision and editing so that I actually have finished manuscripts to share…
  8. I make great toast. This morning sickness has been no joke so my main food has been toast, and I’ve made Sam a big fan. We’ve tried all kinds of varieties: plain, with butter, avocado, scrambled eggs, peanut butter, honey, beans, bacon, boysenberry jam, some combinations of those toppings (I’ll let you guess which ones–don’t worry, this isn’t a pickles-&-ice-cream pregnancy), etc. P.S. Did this make anyone else think of Even Stevens? That was a great, albeit ridiculous, show.
  9. I know my flaws and work to overcome them. I completed a brilliant devotional about bravery earlier this year, and have been researching a lot about reducing anxiety. Will I ever learn to be less indecisive, though? (Probably not, thinks my husband if he reads this.)
  10. I am a child of God. While being part of the Church has led to a crap-ton of pain over the years, being a Christ follower has kept me grounded. And I truly believe that being full of His love allows me to be a peaceful teacher who makes the classroom a place of love and learning, and I think it’s why Sam is growing to be such a good kid, and I’m grateful to be saved because let’s face it our Earth is totally dying right now OH RIGHT I’M TRYING TO BE ALL POSITIVE AND NOT POLITICAL RIGHT NOW BLAAAH

Anyway, there are some happy reflections to wrap up my night!

Tangent: I finished Crazy Ex-Girlfriend and Jane the Virgin (well, minus the latter’s finale episode which airs next week) this summer, two shows with dumb names that are nevertheless AMAZING. If you’ve fallen behind or haven’t given them a try, this is my reminder that they’re worth your time!!

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