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Summertime Writing Mode

Another school year survived: it should have been the easiest, since I was only teaching (without piling on MA.Ed homework or BTSA nonsense in addition), but “only” teaching 3 different grades, while undergoing formal observations from my new boss, and trying to make sure every lesson was purposeful, interesting, enough for a 54-minute period, etc…

So once again, I did not get a lot of writing done during the school year.

Summer kicked in as of 3:00 pm last Wednesday, and I spent the next few days down in San Diego with Jeff, since his work sent him to a conference (and I got to tag along). Now it’s Monday, and I’m home, and I’ve already ran with Benny, cleared out the dishwasher from last night,¬†and finished two loads of laundry. My (iced) coffee is in hand.

I need to find my writing groove again.

I am a little torn because I think I want to keep working on Copper, the manuscript that haunts me. It’s changed so much since it’s conception; it’s already been rejected in a previous format; I feel so attached to it that maybe it affects my ability to tear it apart like it needs to be; now that I’ve read all of Leigh Bardugo’s stuff, I worry that it’s too close to her creations (and hers are done way better). But I also want to work on something BRAND NEW so I don’t end up feeling like I’ve wasted away the summer working on Copper… again.

GAH. Decisions, decisions.

In good news though, I figured out that I can annotate PDFs, so I’m currently re-reading the last draft of Copper (just in case) and figuring out what to fix and where to pick up on the revisions. So… that’s fun? I used to have to waste a lot of black ink in this process, but now I’ll do it on my computer! Where I am easily distracted by the internet and writing new blog posts like this one.

Oops. Bye!


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