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I don’t have a clever title for this today

Hallelujah, I finally finished grading the 11th grade “American Dream” essays — pretty much the toughest grading for any junior teacher to overcome — and Jeff took me out for a big old frozen yogurt treat to celebrate. There are still 7 weeks of school and I am not at all in the clear, but without those to grade, I feel sooooo much better!

I haven’t blogged much because I feel a little bit like a fraud. I keep pressuring my students to maintain good time management, and yet I haven’t been making time to write. My whole life is waking up, driving to school, teaching, grading, driving home, more grading, lesson planning, and then sleep. Everybody says the first year is the hardest; I hope they’re telling the truth! I can’t wait to be done with this. Friday, June 13th is the first day of summer, when I will (unless I have to pack up my classroom, since I’m a temp and won’t know if I’m being rehired until mid-May) go get a massage and see “How to Train Your Dragon 2.” And THEN it’s full-steam-ahead on writing. I think my problem is that writing is “easy” for me, but revision… REVISION… I suck at that. Blarg.

Anyway, since this is becoming an update blog, a major update is: Jeff and I are looking for a house! But we are not wealthy, so really we are looking at townhouses and condos, but there are actually some great ones of those too. Today is the first day we’re going out to explore. The one that has captured my heart is in Diamond Bar, a city next to the one I grew up in, and — wait for it — the ENTIRE SIDE OF THE STAIRS IS A GIANT BOOKSHELF.

I want that.

So hopefully my next update is about the awesome townhouse we just purchased. ;)


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