Sunshine Award

Guess what?

Rachel over at Spilled Ink has nominated me for a Sunshine award. Thank you! This is exciting!!


The rules are:

  • Include the award’s logo in a post or on your blog.
  • Link to the person who nominated you.
  • Answer 10 questions about yourself.
  • Nominate 10 bloggers.
  • Link your nominees to the post and comment on their blogs, letting them know they have been nominated.

And now for the 10 questions:

  1. Favorite color – Bright sapphire blue, as in my wedding colors.
  2. Favorite animal – Wolves! They are beautiful, intelligent, loyal, and know the value of both teamwork and alone time… I love them.
  3. Favorite number – 3, it’s a minor OCD thing; I really like it when my bag of chips or number of ice cubes or whatever are 3 or a multiple of 3. One of my sister-in-laws is the same way. Weird!
  4. Favorite non-alcoholic drink – Hmmm. Probably water or root beer.
  5. Favorite alcoholic drink – A good ol’ rum and Coke, though I also love Beringer White Zinfandel.
  6. Facebook or Twitter? – Facebook. I like to keep in touch with my family and good friends through it, plus, I’m pretty hilarious over there. ;)
  7. Passions – Writing, reading, teaching, long walks, traveling.
  8. Prefer getting or giving presents? – I guess it depends. I like getting presents when they’re things that I can tell the giver put time into planning (like, the gift is actually something they knew I’d appreciate), and I like giving presents when I can do the same for someone. I find it very stressful to buy presents for people when I don’t know what they want.
  9. Favorite City – Oxford! I miss you, Port Meadow, the Bod, our crappy old flat on Walton Crescent, and the kabob truck on St. Giles street…
  10. Favorite TV Shows – Doctor Who, The Office, Once Upon a Time, Parks & Rec, 30 Rock, Community, Lost in Space, The Monkees

And here they are the blogs I want to give my award to:

1. What She Would Have Worn – my friend Brittan is a joyful, fashionable ray of sunshine, so it only makes sense to nominate her!

2. Wannabe Writer Life – I don’t personally know most of the other bloggers I follow on WordPress. Allison is one of those random people whose blogs I found and decided to follow just because she’s very interesting, and I like to feel inspired by other people who are on the same aspiring-author path that I’m on. Plus she’s Canadian and they’re just nicer than a lot of people. ;)

3. French Words That I Can’t Pronounce – She lives in Oxford and therefore has a wonderful life!

4. Shannon A. Thompson – Shannon is a published author, and very cheerful and approachable about it all. She gives me hope!

5. The Sloans – Rebecca and her husband Andy are just the cutest stinking couple. I tried to convince Rebecca not to move away when she came and worked with me at APU for a semester, because “moving to England just for a boy was a bad idea.” False! Her life is amazing. hahaha.

6. The Happsters – The Happsters’ goal is to spread happiness, which, face it, we all need. :)

7. Zehira Blog – A fellow teacher who is proud of her students. This blog makes me happy.

8. Joanne Eddy’s Blog – Joanne had very sweet words for me when I wrote about Frisco’s passing, which definitely counted as a ray of sunshine when I needed it.

9. Writers Two – fellow NaNoWriMer and very good-natured.

10. Fictioners – This is another guy that I don’t know in real life, but everything is so interesting that I really enjoy following his thoughts.

Well, there it is. I tried to avoid re-giving the award to bloggers who already had a Sunshine Award showing on their page. This is my first blog award, so hopefully I did it correctly. Fun stuff!

I’m working on another post for later this week based on a bunch of awesome projects that my students have been turning in. It isn’t related to writing, but I love creativity in all regards, so hopefully it’s still interesting.

For now… I’m just glad that I got through Monday. :)



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9 responses to “Sunshine Award

  1. Allison Forsythe

    Love it! Thanks for the nomination. :D

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  3. Thanks!!! We really need a bit of sunshine in Oxford with all this rain so that was just perfect! :)

    • haha aw I’m glad to hear that! :)

      I was there at the end of 2008 and there was really nice weather for a long stretch of time. One day, one of my tutors said “You brought the California sunshine with you, and I’m tired of it, so if you could send the sun back and bring me a raincloud it would be greatly appreciated.”

  4. Thank you so much for the nomination! As a fellow teacher I am up to my eyeballs in coursework (which does not promote the love tbh) but will check out the sunshine award when the maddness has come to an end. Although I did create a PPT presentation for my students today walking them through their progress over the last two years – tears, giggles and a really positive way to bring their coures to an end – and the photos were hilarious!!!!

    • Aww I love it! This is my first year with my own classroom of sorts and I’ve LOVED IT. The tears, giggles, learning, struggles, and growth are so energizing and perfect. I wouldn’t have it any other way! Hang in there!

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