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lather, rinse, repeat — as needed

And by “lather” I mean “write” and by “rinse” I mean “write more” and by “repeat” I mean “AND KEEP WRITING.”

I took the plunge of insanity and am going to attempt NaNoWriMo once again. This is the absolute most I have ever had on my plate at once, but I do get an entire week off of work at Thanksgiving–and my parents will be renting a beach house then. The husband and I are invited to join them for as much of the week as we want. So, if I fall behind, I can go relax by the ocean and catch up at the end of the month. Win win, I think!

Plus, I thought again about the principle of NaNoWriMo… all you have to do is write 100 words! It’s so easy!

Then do that again, 17 times throughout the day, and suddenly you’ve met your daily word count of 1,700.

Then do that again every day for a month.


I bought myself a treat to convince me that this is the right decision (well, and to fuel my day, since I not only have to meet today’s word count but also turn in a huge chunk of my master’s thesis before midnight tonight and complete the next module of the new-teacher-training program before Wednesday…). Thanks, coffee, for providing powers to writers everywhere. You’ll be in my acknowledgments page some day.

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