Remember, remember, to write in November

NaNoWriMo is going strong, even though it means, most nights, staying up far later than I ought to. Why did they pick November, the time of all the major papers’ due dates?? I’m going to be grading forever. AND Marissa Meyer is releasing her final Lunar Chronicles book next Tuesday, which means I will have to find time to read, too. How am I going to do it all???

I really don’t know. But for any of you out there working on your own NaNoWriMo texts, remember that writing 500 words a day is better than 0… and then if you can push it to 1,000, that’s MUCH better than 0… and if you make it to 1,500, you’re practically at your daily word count anyway.

One more word than you thought you could… followed by one more sentence than you thought you could… and then suddenly there are paragraphs on the page that didn’t exist before.

Eventually, they might even be a real book.

And for those of you feeling stuck in your scene, consider doing what I just did:



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