Camp NaNoWriMo Summer 2015: Final Update

I finished the terrible, horrible, no-good, very-bad, 60,139-word first draft of my novel for the summer. Phew! I can rest knowing that I accomplished what I needed to this summer to head into the next school year with more confidence. Am I pleased with this draft? Obviously not. Hahaha. I tried to be a “pantser” instead of a “plotter” this time around. I opened a billion folders in Scrivener and just wrote scenes, trying to keep things fast-paced and action-filled. If I got bored, I went to a new scene. I realized new characters were necessary at certain points and added them in, fully aware that their introduction was in no way satisfactory. I changed the climax and end-point of the novel multiple times as the story grew more in-depth. 

So it doesn’t look pretty. I tried to string the resulting scenes all together, but that’s going to take a lot more work at a later time–it’s not just sticking on band aids that’s required, it’s a full plastic surgery so this sucker doesn’t look like Frankenstein’s monster anymore. It’s exciting and terrifying, as it should be. 

But that is a project for a different time. What I did achieve was psyching myself up for the very necessary bloody revision of “Copper,” the story that keeps evolving every time I think it’s done. We still haven’t found out what grades we’ll be teaching this year (which, depending on how many new grades I get, will affect how much time I can devote to writing), so I don’t know if I can finish that before the end of 2015. Twitter recently held the MSWL event, where agents describe their manuscript wish lists. A few hit some key points of Copper. I think a fighting chance is still out there. But how soon?! I want it to be soon! 


For now, I am celebrating my hard work–and my husband’s week of vacation–with a spontaneous road trip to Napa and San Francisco. We are driving now, and things were perfect until I started to write this… at which point my husband ran over a massive tire tread, which ripped off part of the bumper. When he went out to try to fix things, he scraped up his hands on the asphalt (we don’t have a first aid kit in this car!! Bad travelers) aaaaand ripped open his pants. Not an auspicious beginning. So, if you’re a praying type, please pray that things look up! He doesn’t like traveling in the first place, and I’ve worked hard to try to cultivate an adventurous spirit in him since that’s important to me. I want this to be a fun memory-making trip for our marriage, not a lousy one he only remembers for the crappy first leg of the road. :( We’re on the lookout for a Wal-Mart or Target to grab band-aids, duct tape, and new pants. 

What an adventure, right? 


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