Camp NaNoWriMo, Day 1

Currently writing: right on schedule for my next novel. I decided against doing a revision because I get so frustrated with my words… writing something new as I continue to discover my style is a bit easier. 1700 words a day for the month of July is going to become a first draft of something new to be frustrated about revising. :)

Currently reading: “Crimson Bound,” a Red Riding Hood remix. It is interesting but has a lot of faults, though I shouldn’t be surprised, because that’s exactly how I felt about the author’s first book, “Cruel Beauty” (a Beauty & the Beast remix). It’s a little heavy on the creativity, which sounds like it couldn’t possibly be a fault, but when you can’t picture what’s actually going on because the story and characters are sacrificed for really weird world-building, it isn’t possible to follow. Bad news.

I also read B.J. Novak’s short story collection, and man, does he have a weird mind. I enjoyed it and recommend it with the caveat that readers need to be prepared for the cursing (lots of f-words).

Currently feeling: lousy. I’ve had a cold for 10 days now, so I finally dragged my butt into Urgent Care. The doctor said I had a cold, but now I have a disgusting sinus infection. She put me on antibiotics, a nasal spray, allergy pills, and Mucinex. It took an hour at the pharmacy and $55 to get all that. :( I hope I magically feel better soon, because summer should be for hiking with my pup, not sitting around wondering if my head is ever going to feel normal again.

Currently watching: The TNT channel series “The Librarians.” Jeff recorded it for me but I never had time to watch any of it, so I’m finally getting caught up. I don’t know how I feel about it. I’m 4 episodes in and find it interesting but annoying–it’s so cheesy! Like, Doctor Who-level cheesy, but without the charm. All the characters also feel like they were modeled after Firefly (the cheeky hunk – Mal = the Librarian; the anxious super-genius – River = Cassandra; the con who doesn’t know if he likes being on the good guys’ team – Jayne = Ezekiel; the badass woman – Zoe = Eve; the nerdy but cute one – Wash = Jake…). I’ll keep giving it a chance, since I like the premise of superhero librarians, but it had better step up its game soon.

In other news, I made a huge chunk of money subbing for summer school and am feeling quite pleased about that. Summer as a teacher is always a little nerve-wracking, since the mortgage payment and student loan bills still need to be taken care of, but now I can relax. Yay!


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