summer goals

So, in this crazy life, summer time has become writing time. Hopefully I will soon become a good enough teacher that I can spread writing time throughout the school year again, but for now, as a wee baby 3rd (4th-ish) year, this is what I have to work with.

Let’s lay out some goals for Summer 2015:

– I’m going to do Camp NaNoWriMo again (in July). The pacing and group encouragement of the program is incredibly helpful to my daily motivation. I am going to step aside from Copper again but not leave the world; instead, I’ll finish the story of another character from another city within that world, who actually can use magic (because I think telling the story and explaining the magic mechanics & history from someone who can use it will go more smoothly than trying to do it all through Copper, who hates magic). It will fit before Copper’s story.

– I also had ideas for 7 short stories, but since very few people played the inspiration game, I forgot about them. Haha. So I will work on those throughout the summer as well and post them sporadically throughout July and August.

– I have so much to read! I do read a lot throughout the school year, just not as quickly as summer time… and I have some exciting things stacked up. So my goal is to read at LEAST two books a week. We just did a loooong 12 hours in the car last weekend, and I finished a book on each leg of the drive, so I’m off to a good start! (One of the books was “The Girl with All the Gifts” — highly recommend!)

I think that’s it… time to get back to outlining!


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