Writing game: inspire me!

Two years ago, Neil Gaiman asked 12 questions and used people’s responses as inspirations for short stories (1 per month). Now that summer is in sight, I’m going to follow his lead, ask 7 questions (1 per weekday?), and use any intriguing responses to brainstorm into short stories.

Answer whatever catches your fancy!

1. Wednesday: what is the worst possible setting in which to be stuck halfway?
2. Thursday: what, besides more wishes, is the best thing to wish for?
3. Friday: why have you ever dreaded a vacation?
4. Saturday: where should a hero go on the weekend?
5. Sunday: in what moment did you feel most genuinely loved?
6. Monday: what made “the worst boss you ever had” so lousy?
7. Tuesday: what is the strangest thing that has ever happened to you?

Thank you! I look forward to hearing from your minds…


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One response to “Writing game: inspire me!

  1. Hmm.. the best wish possible besides more wishes. Maybe just to be content with what you have. That’s probably a lame answer, because it’s not that exciting. But it seems like every time there’s something big we want in life – circumstantial or monetary or otherwise, that it gets old and then we want something else new and exciting. So maybe that our lives would stay fresh and exciting. But then the magical genie who is fulfilling your wish might just give you like a short term memory problem where everyday you wake up and it’s brand new because you’ve forgotten yesterday.

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