Washington D.C. – any tips?

Hello, blog world! I have something new to look forward to amidst my busy-ness: a holiday to visit my friend in Washington, D.C. in July!

I like to plan ahead on travels, so there is much research to be done. However, I’ll send out a call for info here, since I can. Does anyone know any awesome attractions for writers, teachers, and overall curious people to visit in D.C. and the surrounding area? There are so many museums that I don’t know where to start. I hope I get assigned American Literature to teach again next year, though, because now I should have a lot more insight into some of the historical texts we look at!

(Sorry about the abundance of exclamation points. I’m really excited for so many reasons)!!



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3 responses to “Washington D.C. – any tips?

  1. I really enjoyed the Smithsonian Air and Space, Natural History, and American History museums–they’re great for getting writing inspirations ;).
    The National Zoo is a must. Who doesn’t love pandas? The day I visited the zoo it was supposed to rain so the whole place was empty, but it turned out to be a sunny day, so I got to watch zookeepers feed the lions and shower the monkeys and such. It was neat!
    And the National Library is something book lovers can’t miss. It has gorgeous artwork and some great old books.
    I highly recommend that you eat out in Georgetown one night. They have a fantastic cupcake place called Georgetown cupcakes.
    Memorial-wise, the Franklin Roosevelt Memorial is a necessity. It’s absolutely gorgeous.
    Also, if there’s a good movie out, you should visit Muvico Egyptian 24! It has a really interesting Egyptian theme.
    Around the DC area there’s also a place called Medieval Times. You eat dinner and watch jousting tournaments and stuff. I wasn’t able to visit it because my trip wasn’t long enough, but I think it’d be a cool place to check out!
    Have fun in DC!

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