happy blog-iversary to me

It’s been a year!

I set out to try to write two blogs posts a week. I did pretty well… and then I got a full-time teaching job. Who knew after 3 years of trying, this would the time I finally made it into the school system? I have loved it, but definitely made the conscious effort to focus more on teaching than writing–to the detriment of this blog. I have also been through ups and downs with Copper and my feelings about it. I have an amazing beta reader who found me through this blog and gave me a lot of advice (that I still haven’t read 100% of, ack), and I figured out that it is not, perhaps, a trilogy after all… which changes things.

I’ve been boning up on my Women’s Literature and American Literature–since I’m expected to teach it and all–and have therefore been thankful for being a quick reader. Then a Facebook friend posted a Staples reading-speed test, which I promptly took:

Screen Shot 2014-02-03 at 6.02.08 PM

Screen Shot 2014-02-03 at 6.02.24 PM

So that’s fun.

I’ve also been taking breaks from the stress and responsibilities to go play with my camera:




And I caught up on the magnificent season 3 of Sherlock.

Meanwhile, I received “Writing Irresistible Kidlit” for Christmas from my brother and really want to read that. I’m sure I’ll do a full review with quotes here once I get into it; I’ve heard only good things about it.

There’s my update! Hurray! I still love you, blog-world. I’ll get back into the swing of things. I can’t WAIT until I don’t have to say “oh, I’m a first-year teacher” anymore. There are 17 more weeks until summer, when I can dive into Varankai again and exist in writing mode.

Unless I end up going on a mission trip to Malawi, Africa. But I guess I’ll update y’all on that when I have more news!!! ;)


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