Teaching is difficult. The hours are long and often thankless, and the payoffs are not always noticeable.

But I am proud to say that, as of today, I’ve finished my first full semester as an official full-time teacher AND received the following e-mail today from one of my students:

“On behalf of the students, I would like to thank you for the great semester. I had a lot of fun and surprisingly learned a lot, (regardless of my slacking towards the end). When I announced my classes on Facebook in the beginning of the year, a lot of people claimed I was lucky to have you as a teacher —  and you didn’t disappoint. You lived up to my expectations and your reputation by teaching us a lot about relationships, decision making, and life skills.

A teacher who genuinely cares about her students is rare to come across, and I’m glad I had the opportunity to attend your class.

I hope you enjoy the rest of the year, and once again, thank you!


[student’s name]

ps I enjoy your corny jokes.”

How great is that???

I’m going to start a bad-day folder. Every time I get a thank you note or something similar, I’ll put it in the folder and save it close by. Then when I have a horrid teaching day and feel like a failure, I’ll have tangible evidence that I’ve done good work and can do it again. That should buoy my spirits in a much-needed way.


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  1. Allison Forsythe

    What a lovely e-mail — and I love the idea of starting a Bad Day Folder! Someone told me about starting a “Why I’m Awesome” box, which is basically the same idea as the Bad Day Folder but with other tangible things like diplomas, certificates, trophies, photos, small gifts from others, and letters (or printed e-mails!). I should probably start doing both…. ;)

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