the Christmas season

Since this is the first Christmas of this blog’s existence, I thought I would take (another) break from our regularly-scheduled programming about writing/reading to discuss CHRISTMAS. (Apologies to friends and readers of non-Christmas holiday persuasions. This post might be one to skip).

December is truly my favorite time of year. Everybody’s just happy. Entire cities decorate themselves in celebration, as I saw in Oxford, Paris, London, Athens (and, rumor has it, cities in America pull it off too, like Washington D.C.). I want to live in a city that decorates itself! I want to be surrounded in holiday spirit! All the little things add up, too… I love Christmas trees and Christmas lights, sweaters and scarves, gingerbread and hot chocolate (and “Tim Tam Slams”), snowmen and penguins, Christmas music and Christmas movies, love and joy and family and Jesus. It’s all so cheerful, helping to warm me up through the cold winter… even if my California winter is not really a regular winter, haha.

I think Christmas music and Christmas movies have a lot to do with setting the atmosphere that I enjoy so much. In December, I listen to almost exclusively Christmas music. Most songs are about joy and hope, especially when they have to do with the coming of Jesus as in my favorite Christmas carol, “O Holy Night.” Listening to those themes, rather than heartbreak-themed songs like a lot of my other regular music  (Brandi Carlile, Mumford & Sons, the Avett Brothers, etc.), makes a change in my entire attitude. I must admit that it could very well be only partially about the upbeat tone and the rest about the excitement of the upcoming break, but still! And as someone who appreciates routine, knowing that I get to re-watch a bunch of my favorite movies in December is exciting, too. “While You Were Sleeping,” “Elf,” and “Christmas Vacation” are big ones, but there are others I’ve grown so used to and fond of over the years that I eagerly anticipate getting to view them in December. “A Charlie Brown Christmas,” “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer,” “The Holiday,” “Home Alone,” “A Christmas Story,” “Love Actually,” and “Frosty the Snowman” all fall into that category. They are ridiculous, enjoyable, hopeful movies (there’s that joy and hope motif again) that help define Christmas in my life.

And Jeff has helped make December more special, too. On December 8th, 2009, we started dating (after five long years of friendship); a year later, on December 17th, we got engaged. He makes sure we get to drive around and see Christmas lights every year, and sometimes even braves the crazy Sapphire section of lights in Rancho Cucamonga for me. He always climbs into the shed to get out the Christmas box (fake tree! ornaments! Advent calendars!) and the Christmas lights, though our lights disappeared this year. We’re thinking his dad grabbed that box along with his.

Anyway… those are the many reasons I love Christmas. I also look forward to catching up with family, eating cinnamon rolls on Christmas morning (a trend started by my mom that hasn’t caught on in my own house yet–I’m still working on it!) and lasagna for Christmas dinner, and trying to sneak gifts into Jeff and Benny Dog’s stockings without them noticing me. This year, now that I finally have my own classroom, I put up some “holiday trees” on an open section of wall and let my seniors decorate them so I could enjoy the Christmas spirit at work, too!

Xmas Trees


They’re not the fanciest, but it was fun. :)

So there! I love Christmas! If I missed any reasons why Christmas is a marvelous holiday, feel free to add them in the comments!


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