it’s so gorram shiny

“Why don’t you write posts and books and update us about agents, Cathy?”


At least I love my job. With all the American Lit I’m dealing with right now, though, I’m having funny adaptation ideas growing. What if I write a Huck-Finn-in-space story? Replace Huck with a kick-ass girl, the raft is a spaceship, etc. hahaha.

With all the grading, I’ve wanted something on in the background to keep me company. I decided to rewatch “Firefly,” which I’ve only seen once before. It’s so great! All of the characters are SO distinct–you could draw their outfits, read their quotes, etc. without seeing them and you’d know which person it was. That’s a good lesson for writers.

Since it’s so stinkin’ hot outside right now (come on California, summer went away–we’re all back in school–cool it a little), I’m just sitting in the A/C watching Firefly and eating strawberries. Kaylee’s right on the mark with how wonderful a fresh strawberry can be.

So anyway, I’ll keep you all updated on Huck-Finn-in-space or whatever I decide to adapt ;)


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