Comic Con goodies!

My uncle (-in-law, because he’s Jeff’s uncle, but he’s mine now, right?) went to the San Diego Comic Con this year, and since I’m one of the only readers he knows, I benefited BEYOND BELIEF by his trip.



I’m excited about all of them. There are a lot of good fantasies and YA books in there that should help me on my own writing quests. Uncle Tom even got “Teardrop” autographed for me. :)

But MOST IMPORTANT (the capitals are conveying my intense excitement) in that entire stack is Cress. Cress! I have an advanced reader’s copy!!! I’ve written about Marissa Meyer, Cinder, and Scarlet previously and now I get to read the third book in the Lunar Chronicles series over six months before publication. I feel so excited and blessed and lucky and DID I SAY REALLY EXCITED. (Yes).




One of the amazing things is the promotional information on the back of the Cress ARC. They spent $250,000 marketing it! They list a few of the things the money went to/is going to, like her author/blog tour, the Comic Con promotion, special reading and library groups… that is insane to me. Just insane.

Don’t worry, I’m not letting it get to my head. I’m still focused on writing all the stories in my head down and hoping they get published so people can read them. That’s enough for me. ;)

I understand the money spent on marketing, since it gets returned in multiplied form by the new purchases. And reading is so important, especially books like this with strong female characters all over the place, that I’m glad the money is being spent. It’s just such a giant and therefore incomprehensible amount that I was very surprised.

Anyway, I’m so grateful to Uncle Tom for the new books–especially his sacrifice of standing in line for Cress as the only male in sight–and SO looking forward to reading each one. I’m only about 70 pages into Cress so far and really loving it.

Next year, I need to get to Comic Con myself!



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2 responses to “Comic Con goodies!

  1. lizreads

    Is there anyway you would consider trading your ARC of Cress? I would completely understand if you didn’t want to, but if you are willing I would buy you as many published books as you want. Thanks for your consideration.

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