I received my first rejection from a literary agent yesterday. She advertises herself as someone who has a certain timeframe to respond to queries, and if you haven’t heard by the end, then she wasn’t interested.

That has passed, which means it’s a “no,” but… I don’t have an actual, in-the-flesh “NO” from her. Which means I don’t have my very first rejection letter to, say, frame or burn or anything.

It feels a little wrong!

Oh well. On to the next agent, and the ever-growing Copper Book Two revision/re-write. Urg, I need better titles…

IN OTHER NEWS, I finished “Gone with the Wind,” and was so incredibly frustrated by the ending that I would have thrown the book across the room if it was a physical copy and not an electronic one. I understand why the author ended it as she did, but I still hate that she did it. It’s about 1,038 pages and I adored the first 1,000. I’m going to pretend like the last 38 don’t exist, like when you stop Old Yeller before the dog shooting part. It also felt “anticlimactic” to have Scarlett O’Hara go through so much, and then get THAT ending.

"Guess what, I'm going to make 1,000+ pages of reading and/or 4 hours of movie watching pointless, because I'm a cad." "Oh, well I'll be a selfish b-word and help lead us to such a tragic ending"

“Guess what, I’m going to make 1,000+ pages of reading and/or 4 hours of movie watching pointless and heart-breaking, because I’m a cad.”
“Oh, well I’ll be a selfish b-word and help lead us to such a tragic ending.”

On the plus side, I loved how much history I learned from the book. I feel like I understand the Civil War and Reconstruction much better for having seen it through Scarlett’s eyes.

Here are some quotes I loved from the book, in addition to Rhett Butler’s introduction (which I wrote about here):

“All that was Irish in her rose to the challenge of his black eyes.”

“Bravo! Now you are beginning to think for yourself instead of letting others think for you. That’s the beginning of wisdom.”

“Babies, babies, babies. Why did God make so many babies? But no, God didn’t make them. Stupid people made them.”

“The mantle of spinsterhood was definitely on her shoulders now. She was twenty-five and looked it, so there was no longer any need for her to try to be attractive.”

“Mr. Butler, who bore with equanimity having his tail pulled by his small mistress and his hooves examined constantly, felt that the Creator of ponies had not intended him to put his fat body over the bar.”

There are a handful of others that I highlighted, but that’s all I feel like retyping right now, since I have work to do. :)

If any of you have read (or seen) “Gone With the Wind,” did you like the ending? Or did it fill you with disappointment and despair like it did me?


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