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What a week. :)

I have been RESEARCHING like a fiend because I want to kick this writing thing into overdrive, and become an author. I already knew what my opinions on traditional vs. self-publishing were (the TL;DR is “self-publishing isn’t for me”), but with my happy Pitcharama results, now I have to form an educated opinion on small presses, too.

I also spent a lot of time thinking about who my favorite authors are, then researching who their agent(s) are (or were) and who has published their books. That was informative, if only because there was almost NOTHING in common among all of those great writers (in regards to their representation and publishers… the “great writing” commonality is a given). So now I have a solid idea of who to send query letters to… and I did send one off last week! Hopefully it’s strong. I wrote and re-wrote it (from the rough draft that I’d already prepared a few weeks ago) before finally forcing myself to just hit “send.” We’ll see… if I haven’t heard back by July 15th, I can assume it’s a “no” and keep moving forward.

I’m really pleased with where Copper’s first book is right now. Pitcharama gave me a deadline to stick to–I really, truly work better with deadlines–so I have a version of the manuscript that includes all the revision notes I ever wrote to myself after endless re-readings. Of course…….. about two seconds after sending out the first five chapters, I found a typo. “Vase” instead of “vast.” Urrrrg. But that’s the only one I’ve found so far, so hopefully that isn’t devastating. No, let’s be real, it is devastating, and if it’s found by anyone who currently has my manuscript I’m going to melt into a black hole of pure embarrassment. But I carry a pretty handy-dandy rope ladder in my imagination for times like these. <– (Cathy has not been getting enough sleep)

ANYWAY. Now it’s Camp NaNoWriMo, and for the first time ever, I won’t be writing something new. I’m  going to take this month to revise, which in this case is mostly rewriting, the second book in Copper’s trilogy. I changed things around in the original ending that have enormous impact on the entirety of the second book, so… here we go. I’d like to have a much stronger rough draft at the end of this month than I got out of April.

So yes. Although I’m sure rejections are coming my way, I’m still feeling positive and confident. It might be years yet, but it’s coming. My extremely stubborn Dragon Taurus self is not going to give up!


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