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I get blog views for the weirdest things sometimes. (And I’m going to tag this post with all of them, for good or ill…)

Top searches have been Mr. Bean (you’ll recall that I talked about him because one of Van Gogh‘s naked lady paintings looked like him. Sigh) and Sookie (yet I only wrote that one review, which nobody commented on… because I thought who she ended up with was fine, and the full searches were often things like “I hate ____” <–the man she ends up with).

A huge one that I don’t understand is “word count Fault In Our Stars.” That’s another book that I reviewed, but why are so many people interested in the word count? (Well, if/since you got here… there are about 67,000, according to random information I could find around the Googleverse).

Anyway. My “picture inspiration” post gets a lot of hits too, since people want “character inspiration” or “character looks.” Hopefully my idea to picture actors as your characters has helped.

“Fairy tales” or “dragons” are another huge search term, which lead to my fairy tale stories. I hope you enjoy those!

That’s all. Short blog for today. I just laugh every time I click the Stats bar and see another Mr. Bean search.


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