contests, summer, revisions…

Two more weeks of teaching and then summer is here!

This countdown is so exciting to me. Once summer hits, I can move full-steam into revising all these manuscripts I have “lying around” [inside my computer]. People keep asking me if they can read my stuff and, well… it isn’t published or polished yet, so that gets awkward. I’d like to have more things ready for people to read, enjoy, and give me feedback on.

I uploaded the latest draft of my Copper revision onto my Kindle, which, I figured out, is a great revision tool. I can read through my story–and distance myself, when I need to, by pretending it’s someone else’s story–plus add “notes” all throughout it that will help with editing. It’s quite helpful.

I’m trying to speed that up because I found another contest to submit to! It’s another one that starts with a pitch, like ABNA did, but now I have a much stronger manuscript than I did in January. I thought my manuscript was ready then, but alas… it needed a lot of work. And I’m sure I’ll feel the way about this one, despite all the revisions that it’s been through, but it still feels much more contest-ready. The goal of this summer is to get Copper Book One out to publishers, so I can start to gather rejection letters and PERHAPS a non-rejection letter. ;) We’ll see.

Other goals: reading! I have too many unread books calling to me. Also… revision! I adore my Phoebe & Fred novel and need to fix that up so I can share it with others. I have my Oxford Memories, too, which honestly could just be self-published since it isn’t a super commercially-viable book anyway. It’s mostly of interest to my friends and family, so I could stick it up for $0.99 and call it a fundraiser for summer ice cream, haha. My Dust Bowl book needs a lot of work, and I don’t know if I’m going to hit that this summer. First person was rough and I did it messily in a lot of those chapters. I’m also not an expert on the ’30s and need to tidy up some research.

And, of course, there are the other two books in the Aster Trilogy to work on. Copper is always priority number one around here. I know people will love her whenever she gets out into real-book form.

So there’s the latest update. Eleven days to go!


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