oh boy

Not once, but twice in the past week, random people have accessed my blog by searching for Mr. Bean.

Which means they reached the Van Gogh post with a picture of a naked lady who looks exactly like Mr. Bean.

Woops! :)

Writing is going well now that I’ve continued “Post-Camp-NaNoWriMo” at only 500 words a day. It’s easy enough that I’m still making progress on finishing Copper Book 2 while not being distracted from lesson planning for the-job-that-actually-makes-money-right-now. Speaking of which, we have a whole unit coming up based on short stories, so I’ve been elbow-deep in short stories–by women writers, no less. I think I’ll write a short story of my own and throw it in there… the students should be excited to have a teacher who writes, right? ;) Just kidding. But I am inspired to work on a short story, and may craft a creative writing assignment for my students, in which case I would offer up a short story of my own as a modeling example for them. And I’ll post it here, too.

Hurray for plans! I feel much better about life when I have a to-do list and am actively crossing things off of it. AND there are only 38 more days of teaching until my first real summer in years!!! I’m going to get so much writing (and reading) done. Hold me to it. It’s on a to-do list.

(Also… the 13th and final Sookie Stackhouse book comes out tomorrow. So that’s what I’ll be reading next. I do love my guilty pleasures)…



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2 responses to “oh boy

  1. brittansalisbury

    The part where people find your blog because of naked Mrs. Bean…

    Dying. Excited to read your posts, can’t wait for book recommendations and for the day when you get published (because you will)

    Love you, Brittan

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