What an eventful week it’s been. I really, really miss Frisco, and have more thoughts on him that I expect will come later this week as I’ve continued to reflect on such a good pet.

But for now… I get to celebrate passing the 50,000 word mark for Camp NaNoWriMo!


It’s partially pure celebration for myself–a happy little pat on the back–but also there is some finger wagging involved for anyone who wanted to follow my dare in this previous post and failed. Remember how I’m doing a million things at once and still managed to make time for my passion, writing?

SO YOU HAVE TIME TOO TO WORK ON WHATEVER PASSION YOU HAVE. No excuses! Don’t let your own excuses keep you from your dream, when there are so many other outside forces that are also going to try to kill it! Your dream needs 100% of you behind it!

slow & steady wins the race

slow & steady wins the race

My double-work over Spring Break, while I didn’t have to worry about teaching, made a huge difference because it pushed me over the line early and kept me there. Then, instead of having to do 1,700 a day while teaching, I could focus on only 1,200 words a day. And I kept myself to it!!!

I used to bribe myself with snacks to meet my word count every night during NaNoWriMo-type times… “oh, you finished 500 words? Yay, you can eat three peanut-butter pretzels!” However, I decided that writing was its own reward, and my belly didn’t need the stress-eating, so I altered my food-rewards to be for two times: meeting the 50,000 word mark and then actually finishing the draft. This book’s 50,000 word reward was an enormous handful (or maybe two enormous handfuls) of gummy bears! :) It’s truly the little things in life. haha.

My novel isn’t finished, which is good; I’ve been wanting them to expand  in length anyway so they line up with the size of other YA lit being published right now. And it isn’t super great, either. There’s a lot of weaknesses in the plot, but, I learned a lot! So many people on WordPress have claimed that “pantsing” is more effective than “plotting,” but I stand by my reasoning in a previous blog post (here). I am not a pantser. Sure, characters do some interesting and unexpected things, but for me those results weren’t important enough to have been worth the fly-by-the-seat-of (my pants, hence the term) attempt. I need to work out the kinks in a thorough outline before I actually start writing. I also, upon getting stuck at one point, began writing from Shiloh’s point of view instead of Copper’s, and that was very powerful. The perspective of a mage versus that of a non-magical person in this world is so vastly different that I think all of book two will switch between Copper and Shiloh. It also gives a female versus male flavor without being too drastic, since all of this is still in third person.

For the next month, I plan to calm it down a little and only set a 500-words-a-night goal, so I can put the bulk of my focus on effective lesson plans for my junior English classes. For the summer Camp NaNoWriMo, I’m not sure whether I want to write the third (and final) book for Copper, or switch over to something different and give my brain a new idea to ponder. There are a few stories I’ve been mulling over that need their time to shine.

We’ll see. For now, “winning” Camp NaNoWriMo was a much-needed bright spot in this cruddy week. (Did I mention that the day after Frisco died, my husband rear-ended me in the driveway?? Yeeeah, I’m ready to move on to a better week).

Happy writing and dream-chasing to all! NO EXCUSES.


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