doo doo doo doo I’m just a stress machine

and I don’t stress for nobody but me

Haha anyway… new job + grad school has been death, death to my writing.

And that is horrible. I really need to focus and be sharpening my skills daily. However, doing well in grad school is important to me so I can become a better teacher, and teaching well at my job is how I make money, pay the bills, and have any electricity available to power the laptop on which I write… so, that stuff is important too.

After a brief internal debate, I’ve decided I’m still doing Camp NaNoWriMo this year, despite all the other crazy things sucking up my time. I would like to have a rough draft of book two in my current trilogy done so it can inform my revision of the first book (which I believe I have discussed here before).

So I’ve been looking at the measly outline I’d started earlier, and guess what?

I love the world I’ve created. I love Copper and Shiloh. I’m excited to return to their story and discover more about how they are going to grow together and save Varankai from the dangers that approach.

And that feels good… because, I hope, loving my creation this much will translate into a similarly enjoyable experience for my readers. I hope I can get this trilogy published so others out there can fall in love with Copper, Shiloh, the magic system, and the country. I hope my readers will finish the first book and anticipate the future chapters with excitement, anxious to return and see what happens next.

I don’t think being published and holding “my book!” in my hands will be the greatest reward. I think cultivating readers–fans who blog about my book, are inspired to draw DeviantArt for it, root for characters and dream up scenarios in their head while they jog–will be even more exciting than that. I may be an introvert, but I would still love to have reader interactions through twitter, book signings, school assemblies, and things along those lines. In the end, it’s all another aspect of motivation that helps spur on my writing.

Which is why I have to remember all that as I push forward to write another novel this April in the midst of my crazy life! :)


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