ah, life.

Well… once again, the Copper revision has been put on hold.
Because I’m switching careers.

Not away from writing! But I’m leaving my office job, that repetitive daydream machine, and moving into teaching, which is what my education was for (aside from writing). For the immediate future, while I have to get used to lesson planning with a new class mid-semester and getting into the grading routine, my writing is suffering. Once my graduate class ends in early April, I think I’ll be able to pick up my writing again at a better pace. (And then suddenly we’ll hit June and I’ll have my first summer in six years)!!

I’m really disappointed because I had such wonderful momentum on my Copper revision (the third major revision). BUT… I’m teaching! 11th grade English at a respected high school! I am so exhausted yet energized, terrified yet joyous… it is great to be in a place where my passions meet the world’s needs, a la Buechner.

And, the more I’ve ruminated on it in the past few days since receiving the teaching job, I think taking my writing in a different direction right now will be good. I am at the point in Copper–about 70-75% ish through–where I have the most questions about how, exactly, things should change or end.

So, new plan: still go forth and write the second book of the trilogy this April during Camp NaNoWriMo.
However, now I won’t have the ending of the first book “set in stone”… and I think that freedom will be interesting to work in. Now I can write the second book and explore a bit, mix a little “Pantsing” into my “Plotting” tendencies, and see what happens. Maybe by seeing where the next book goes, I will have a better perspective of what the first book needs (like what to wrap up, where to leave questions, characters to focus in on or cut out, etc.).

I’m excited about the possibilities.

Life is good right now… strange, but good.


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