Exciting News

Today is a day I’ve secretly been waiting for… the announcement for the first cuts in the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award. They accepted 10,000 manuscripts and have moved 2,000 on to the next round.
And I made that cut! :) Top 20% is pretty exciting. That round of judging was based solely on the pitch, which gives me hope for when I start contacting agents. My pitch for Copper stood on its own legs this time, so it could entice someone again!

The next round of judging is based on the excerpt, around 4,200 words for me. I will receive feedback (for free!) from two editors, and can utilize that while I continue to revise. Honestly, I’m a little disappointed in myself that I didn’t hop on my revision sooner, because the version that I submitted to ABNA is much weaker than what I’m working on now, thanks to my team of beta readers. Only 500 manuscripts will move on from the current 2,000 (and those 500 are the only ones that will be fully read); I’ll find out more about that in a month. Honestly I don’t expect to make that cut, but getting this far feels great. I’m excited to read the two reviews that I’ll get… I hope at least one has good things to say. ;)
And though validation isn’t everything, it… kind of is, if one wants to become a continuously published author. Hahaha. It helps energize me to continue cutting, slashing, and building through this current revision. Hope needs to be buoyed up once in a while! I feel like this little achievement will give me the hope throughout the next month that my writing is working.

So yay! Copper is moving forward in the world. I’ve been smiling all day. Have to take the little victories as they come…



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2 responses to “Exciting News

  1. Congrats on the move to the next round!

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