Becoming a Writer

I am a writer. I have four crappy rough drafts of various novels written, and one rapidly-becoming-amazing draft of Book One in a YA fantasy trilogy written.

2013 will be the year I kick this writing thing into overdrive, and transition into being an author. I decided to move away from my personal blog, which covers all manner of thoughts and events, and create a Writing Blog to track my progress in chasing my dream.

Book One has been through two amazing beta readers who have given me a lot of important feedback. They also helped me brainstorm how the final two books in the trilogy will finish up. The rough draft of Book Two will be completed during Camp NaNoWriMo this April, and I will continue to revise Book One up until then. Depending on how the revisions end up, I hope to start seeking an agent in April or May.

I’ve heard agents can take around six months to get back to writers; so, by the end of this year, I could have an agent representing me! Obviously it would be nice to also find a publisher by the end of this year, but I’ve been patient this far and don’t want to go too crazy with my goals. (Conservative as always… we’ll see how this goes).

But this blog will keep track of the goals as they are made and achieved. I’ll keep writing and revising–because I’m a writer!–and hopefully, as I navigate the world of query letters and agents and publishers, I will have a REAL PUBLISHED BOOK before too long.

2013, hear me roar.


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